Thursday, April 22, 2010

somebody please take me home

rasanya udah lama banget ngga pulang ke bali
satu semester ngga pulang sama sekali.. hhh
ternyata far away from home itu emang bener" ngga enak yaa
homesicknya kerasa bangeeett, terutama kalo lagi sakit, lagi ngga ada duit
god, i miss them all so bad !! :(
my father, my - gossiping machine - sisters, my late mother in heaven :), my cute tiny house, my beloved boyfriend, and of course my incredible best friends
really, really, really want to go home, and immediately embrace them tight
i will never let them go..
if somebody could give me one wish, i would ask him to take me home, even just for a while
pengen banget pulang..
somebody, please take me home..

me and my gossiping machine sisters

me and my father and my younger sister

me and my beloved boyfriend .. love him berry much :)

me and my lovely bestfriends

somebody,please take me home