Monday, April 12, 2010

evita nuh's first giveaway ..

hi people..
ada berita seruu niy.. our lovely blogger evita nuh ( bakal ngadain her first giveaway
there are a lot of quirky things, that you can choose..
ayoo buruan, waktunya mepet lho guyss..
grab it fast :)
this is the link for evita nuh's first giveaway
mata kalian pasti bakal ijo ngeliat barang" yang ditawarin sama evita
oh my, i wish i could choose more than 1 ..
come visit her page, and enjoy

good evening people :)



Hartinah said...

heyy,, congrats yaa

kamu menang giveaway nya evitaaaa...
iri saya :p

oiya, salam kenal. hehe

dela said...

well, i just saw the announcement and congrats! you're one of winner. i envy you. :)

crémeuse aux fraises said...

thanks ya hartinah..
aku juga ngga nyangka bisa menang giveaway'nya evita..
salam kenal juga
really nice to know you :)

crémeuse aux fraises said...

hai della..
thank you so much
think, that its just my luck, sugar..
maybe you will be the winner of her next giveaway
nobody knows
have a blessing day for you :)