Monday, September 12, 2011

hello people..
who said being fashionable will cost you much money?
wake up girls, being fashionable is not about wearing all kind of branded stuffs on your body. it is about how you wear those fashion items best. I'll show you how :D

i dont need to spend much money to have these look.. seriously ! well, here is the details

white shirt - logo jeans (i got it from my sister)
short pants - i got it from vintage market for only 20 idr
black legging - 35 idr
brown boots - 80 idr ( i bought it from my friend)
vest - 60 idr
brown dress - 50 idr (i bought it in ubud art market)
green bag - 75 idr
necklace - stroberi 39 idr

quite cheap and affordable right?! woohoooo.. from now on, go find another treasure from your cupboard, do some diy and voila you have your new fashion item ! :)