Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Good afternoon everyone.. it feels like hundred years since my last post..hehehe
Well, i'm back to share something interesting to you guys all..

One day, my boyfriend asked me this simple question " why do you love me?"
this simple question made me stunned for having no reasons. it made me began to think that he want me to sweep him off his feet with some flattering words. but yes i find myself difficult to answer this very simple question, not because i don't love him, but it is more because i am in deep love with him, and there is a feeling that i cant explain, something beyond words. Then i just look into his eyes and saying " it is because you can bring out the best in me, you can be my brother, my best friend, and my boyfriend in the same time, and you love me just the way i am"
And then he just smile, and said "am I?"
Well you know, actually there are so much more than those things that made me love him, but words are just can't explain what I feel..

But, what is love actually?
For me, LOVE is some kind of feeling that cannot fully described and explained. Just like a food, you have to taste the food first to know its flavor. So with love :)