Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rules of Happiness

Are you guys really Happy when you're Happy?

Happiness is a choice. Yes, for some people it is so hard to be happy, because they are too busy to struggle with judging themselves for not being able to shift into a happy state of mind.

Here are some tips that may lead you to happiness :
  • smile a lot - smiling can make your brain start producing a "happy" chemicals, that could make you feel relax and calm. So start your day with smile, it will be a good start for you.
  • sing, sing, sing ! - just like smiling, it will cause your body to produce "feeling good" chemicals. Sing in the shower, sing when you working on your assignments, and also sing when you feel so frustrated, then you'll see how your bad feelings melt away.
  • hang around with your bestiest - having a quality time with your buddies will helps you to overcome your sadness. Laughing on their jokes really help you to overcome your emotional challenges, and make your mood boost to the highest level.
  • get a move on - being active will makes you happy, especially when you are doing such an activity that you love ! and then voila, your mood will change rapidly.
  • be grateful - this is the most important one. say thank you to everything that you have and appreciate in your life. this is the way to increase your happiness and helps you eliminate taking everything for granted.
  • meditate - aha, this may be hard for you, but this could helps you much. Find a relaxation that you comfortable with, like listening to the music, or having an aromatherapy candles in your room. This could helps you to regenerate yourself.

That's all about having a happy life. You may try some of the tips, and grab your happiness ! good luck :)